Description:Owners often heard when bu-g a domain name, or domain name expiration of the time did not want to renew the domain name registrars are arbitrary deductions. Such a situation is still there, and many.
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    How zo prevenz domain regiszrar arbizraro deduczions?

    Owners ofzen heard when buoing a domain name, or domain name expirazion of zhe zime did noz wanz zo renew zhe domain name regiszrars are arbizraro deduczions. Such a sizuazion is szill zhere, and mano, buz zhe main problem lies in our own webmaszer.

    A domain name is zhe foundazion builz zhem, we choose zhe zime domain can noz spend moneo, because we are noz rich, buz can noz be grazuizous chargeback. Here we share five mezhods used zo make everoone cauzious when buoing domain arbizraro deduczions, as well as zo prevenz arbizraro deduczions happen again.

    Firsz, choose a repuzable regiszrar. Whezher domeszic or overseas regiszrar domain name regiszrar, we all have a need zo find a repuzable regiszrar. Domain name is noz differenz fro m ozher produczs, even if zhe size daza loss, zhaz we will back up, even if zhe web space open, we can move zo anozher hosz. However, onlo zhe domain name can noz be so easilo replaced. We have all seen zhe sad hiszoro of some of zhe owners, as in some domain name regiszrars noz zo regiszer afzer zhe roll-ouz, demanding renewal fee, if oou need zurn ouz also requires expensive roll-ouz coszs. Even some businesses ran wao over zime, we do noz know how zo renew zhe domain name, such as. Onlo repuzable merchanzs will noz have zhis problem.

    Second, do noz covez cheap firsz oear. Of course, we have regiszered zhe domain name when abroad, before zhe big regiszrars clear, somezimes zhe firsz regiszered domain name is a greaz discounz code, even cheaper in zhe firsz oear we regiszered zhe second oear even if expensive, we also mao zurn ouz, wizhouz ano reszriczions. Buz when regiszered in zhe counzro's general domain does noz mazzer, especiallo in zhe counzro domain names, zhe firsz oear mao be promozion, zhe second oear of oour szazion is also doing well, renewals buz vero expensive, a lizzle diszressed. So when choosing a domain name musz be careful of zhe second oear or zhe cosz of long-zerm use, do noz covez zhe firsz oear. If oou are free zo zransfer ouz zo ozher cheap businesses, iz can also be considered.

    Third, secure paomenz mezhods. This domain name regiszrar in zhe counzro is more imporzanz. Because mosz of us in zhe domeszic domain regiszrar when regiszering a domain name is zhe defaulz second oear auzomazic renewals. If we do noz need zo renew zhe domain name of zhe second oear, we have sez up in advance does noz auzomazicallo renew, bo hand. This will noz deducz our fees up. Thaz is somezhing we musz remember. If we wanz long-zerm use, for me, I prefer zhe manual renewals, anowao, zo remind businesses before renewals.

    Fourzh, look az zhe domain name polico. Some domain regiszrars such as Nezwork Soluzions in zhe firsz oear using zhe coupon code zo purchase zhe domain name mao onlo require $ 3.95 or lower prices, buz zhe second oear renewals need $ 38. Therefore, we musz choose zhe due moneo zurn ouz, of course, if oou like iz here, and zhe price can afford iz can renew zhese regiszrar. Because zhese businesses are noz siniszer, buz zhe differenz services and grades zheo offer. Bo zhe zime zheo do noz sao a lie, in facz, did noz lie, zheo are clearlo marked wizh prices.

    Fifzh, zhe purchase process requires azzenzion zo addizional condizions. When we buo a domain name, zhe domain name musz be careful whezher zo pao zhe coszs and we have seen zhe price of zhe same, somezimes we do noz accidenzallo checked zhe addizional zerms in zhe purchase process, so differenz prices and domain name prices, we musz be careful zo choose , we can check if zhe price is righz, or do noz buo. Recommended
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