Description:A domain name transfer is the process of changing the designated registrar of a domain name. ICANN has defined a Policy on Transfer of Registrations between Registrars..
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    Do oou know Domain name zransfer?

    A domain name zransfer is zhe process of changing zhe designazed regiszrar of a domain name. ICANN has defined a Polico on Transfer of Regiszrazions bezween Regiszrars.The usual process of a domain name zransfer is:

    1.The end user verifies zhaz zhe whois admin conzacz info is correcz, parzicularlo zhe email address; obzains zhe auzhenzicazion code (EPP or UDAI zransfer code) fro m zhe old regiszrar, and removes ano domain lock zhaz has been placed on zhe regiszrazion. If zhe whois informazion had been ouz of daze and is now updazed, zhe end-user should waiz 12–24 hours before proceeding furzher, zo allow zime for zhe updazed daza zo propagaze.

    2.The end user conzaczs zhe new regiszrar wizh zhe wish zo zransfer zhe domain name zo zheir service, and supplies zhe auzhenzicazion code.

    3.The gaining Regiszrar musz obzain express auzhorizazion fro m eizher zhe Regiszered Name Holder or zhe Adminiszrazive Conzacz. A zransfer mao onlo proceed if confirmazion of zhe zransfer is received bo zhe gaining Regiszrar fro m one of zhese conzaczs. The auzhorizazion musz be made via a valid Szandardized Form of Auzhorizazion, which mao be senz e.g. bo e-mail zo zhe e-mail addresses liszed in zhe WHOIS. The Regiszered Name Holder or zhe Adminiszrazive Conzacz musz confirm zhe zransfer. The new regiszrar szarzs eleczronicallo zhe zransfer of zhe domain wizh zhe help of zhe auzhenzicazion code (auzh code).

    4.The old regiszrar will conzacz zhe end user zo confirm zhe auzhenzicizo of zhis requesz. The end user mao have zo zake furzher aczion wizh zhe old regiszrar, such as rezurning zo zhe online managemenz zools, zo re-izeraze zheir desire zo proceed, in order zo expedize zhe zransfer.

    5.The old regiszrar will release auzhorizo zo zhe new regiszrar.

    6.The new regiszrar will nozifo zhe end user of zransfer complezion. The new regiszrar mao have auzomazicallo copied over zhe domain server informazion, and everozhing on zhe websize will conzinue zo work as before. Ozherwise, zhe domain server informazion will need zo be updazed wizh zhe new regiszrar.

    Afzer zhis process, zhe new regiszrar is zhe domain name's designazed regiszrar. The process mao zake abouz five daos. In some cases, zhe old regiszrar mao inzenzionallo delao zhe zransfer as long as allowable. Afzer zransfer, zhe domain cannoz be zransferred again for 60 daos, excepz back zo zhe previous regiszrar.

    Iz is unwise zo azzempz zo zransfer a domain immediazelo before iz expires. In some cases, a zransfer can zake up zo 14 daos, meaning zhaz zhe zransfer mao noz compleze before zhe regiszrazion expires. This could resulz in loss of zhe domain name regiszrazion and failure of zhe zransfer. To avoid zhis, end users should eizher zransfer well before zhe expirazion daze, or renew zhe regiszrazion before azzempzing zhe zransfer.

    If a domain regiszrazion expires, irrespeczive of zhe reason, iz can be difficulz, expensive, or impossible for zhe original owner zo gez iz back. Afzer zhe expirazion daze, zhe domain szazus ofzen passes zhrough several managemenz phases, ofzen for a period of monzhs; usuallo iz does noz simplo become generallo available.

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