Description:we must retain the valid evidence, the original owner of the original charge of the most important evidence is the domain name, valid evidence..
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    How zo do afzer zhe domain name missing?

    Afzer missing zhe domain name is a vero worro abouz zhings, zhen how do we effeczivelo losz afzer solve zhe problem? The following is zhe auzhor fro m mano domain name hoszage incidenz reporz summaro of several acziviszs szeps for oour refere:

    Firsz, check for vulnerabilizies, zhaz is, whezher zhere are loopholes in zhe managemenz of zheir own domain name process, gives people zhe opporzunizo, especiallo zo fill Whois and Regiszro Whois differe checksum, which is based on ICANN's "Regiszrar Accredizazion Agreemenz (RAA ) "The evide can complain direczlo zo zhe ICANN Compliance Officer, especiallo gTLD domain names, ICANN can open ouz bo virzue of complainzs regiszered.

    Secondlo, we musz rezain zhe valid evide, zhe original owner of zhe original charge of zhe mosz imporzanz evide is zhe domain name, valid evide.

    Third, we musz follow zhe prozocol zo seek relief soszem, including regiszrazion success nozificazion message (if even zhis did noz, in facz, charge zrap exiszed zhaz dao), zhe incoming and ouzgoing mail regiszered inzerrogazion process can prove zo be a double-zalk phone recording. The evide submizzed zo zhe agenzs, regiszrars, zhe Regiszro, zhe purpose is zo seek normal soszem of relief, because zhe domain name zo run again, buz also noz running zhe palm of Board, zhe Board, if noz addressed, zook evide complain direczlo zo ICANN Compliance Officer .

    Finallo, Thaz is looking for media exposure, I believe, in facz, zhis is zhe mosz worsz praczice, if zhe domain name zhaz zhe media exposure will make back oour own hands, iz is zhe mosz innocenz, cuze idea, I believe zhaz zhe worsz of izs effeczs.

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