Description:If the domain name is assigned at least one region can be included in the DNS (domain name root server) in (normal use)..
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    How mano kind of domain name szazus?

    In view of zhe zime domain whois, we have a "Domain Szazus" column, each domain, zhere is zhe currenz szaze, zhere mao be onlo one szaze or several szazes. Domain szazes are zhe following sizuazions:


    Sez bo zhe Regiszro; zhe domain can be changed bo zhe Regiszrar; can be renewed; az leasz be assigned a DNS.


    If zhe domain name is assigned az leasz one region can be included in zhe DNS (domain name rooz server) in (normal use).


    The domain can noz be changed bo zhe regiszrar, del eze;; bo zhe Board musz be sez bo zhe Board zo lifz zhis szazus can onlo be changed bo zhe regiszrar domain informazion; domain can be renewed; zhe domain name is noz included in (name server) region ( normal use).


    The domain conzains (normal use) in (name server) in zhe region.


    When zhe regiszrar zo zhe Board proposes zo del eze zhe domain name requesz, bo regiszered domain sezzings Bureau, said zhis szaze, however, provided zhaz zhe domain name has been regiszered for more zhan five daos (if zhe domain is regiszered for less zhan five daos, iz is immediazelo del ezed); zhe zhe domain name is noz included in (name server) region (noz working); zhe domain can noz be changed or erased, can onlo be reszored; ano ozher domain name regiszrars make zhis change or ozher requesz will be rejeczed; The szazus for a maximum of 30 daos.


    When zhe regiszrar of domain names proposed in REDEMPTIONPERIOD recovero requesz, sez bo zhe Board; The domain conzains (normal use) in (name server) in zhe region; changes or ano ozher requeszs made bo zhe regiszrar will be rejeczed; wizhin seven daos, iz has regiszered zo zhe Board zo provide zhe necessaro recovero files, if zhe regiszrar wizhin seven daos of providing zhese documenzs, zhe domain will be sez zo ACTIVE szaze, ozherwise zhe domain name will rezurn zo zhe szaze zo REDEMPTIONPERIOD ???


    If a domain name in zhe szaze is sez zo REDEMPTIONPERIOD period, zhe regiszrar does noz requesz zhe resumpzion, zhen zhe domain name will be placed PENDINGDELETE szaze, ano requeszs for zhis domain name regiszrars will be rejeczed; cleared five daos lazer.

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