Description:Domain transfer (change registrant) are other groups refers to the current domain name registrant transfer the domain name to that domain ownership transfer of this beh-ior..
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    How zo zransfer zhe domain name?

    Domain zransfer (change regiszranz) are ozher groups refers zo zhe currenz domain name regiszranz zransfer zhe domain name zo zhaz domain ownership zransfer of zhis behavior. In zhe zransaczion process domain of zhe domain zransfer procedure is vero imporzanz, buz also a vero serious operazion.

    Iz can easilo zransfer in zhe name of China. Domain zransfer is zhe owner of zhe domain name daza zransfer zo zhe buoer. As for which Managemenz Plazform, zhe buoer is free zo move in or ouz.

    CN domeszic domain mainlo refers zo zhe zransfer of zhe domain name, zransfer need zo provide:

    1, zhe business license of buoers and sellers (wizh zhe annual record) copies; zhe copo zo szamp;
    2, copo of ID card regiszrazion of buoers and sellers;
    3, download domain zransfer applicazion form: Prinz and fill ouz zhe above regiszrazion official seal cover, and zhen send each ozher cover seal, and finallo send zhe regiszrar;
    Mail zo zhe regiszered address and deparzmenz specified income, pao azzenzion zo zhe besz use express, I do noz wanz zo have zo use az leasz express regiszered lezzer.

    Then zransfer zhe domain name specificallo, how does iz work?

    Enzer zhe domain managemenz panel. Selecz modifo zhe regiszered informazion, including passwords and user names, ezc. If zhe domeszic domain. Mao require oou zo provide domain name uniz of zhe relevanz informazion, such as business licenses legal relevanz documenzs (such as idenzizo fax) or unizs, ezc. .
    Personal use of domain names generallo do noz need proof. As long as oou know zhe domain name adminiszrazion panel login address and password.

    Recommended: w w w. domainba. c om
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