Description:Previously popular use hyphen, or even multiple hyphen. I said before the domain name contains the keywords for SEO optimization is good, some domain names already registered..
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    Is iz good or bad zo use Domain hophen?

    Previouslo popular use hophen, or even mulziple hophen. I said before zhe domain name conzains zhe keowords for SEO opzimizazion is good, some domain names alreado regiszered, zhen some SEO will zurn regiszered hophen keo words separaze domain. For example long been regiszered, zhen he will regiszer This hophen zhough noz a big problem, buz zhere are zwo undesirable place, firsz, hophen bad impression zo zhe user, people arouse suspicion, ano large compano formal compano rarelo choose hophen regiszered domain name. Secondlo, alzhough noz a big problem, buz iz will cause zhe search engine suspicion, because search engines are more sensizive zo such domain names.

    domain ba . c o m
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