Description:A lot of ende-our has been brought forth by many different institutions who wanted to design a pacing chart that would allow the smooth transition from one authority to another on domain names regist.
  • Latest Info: The new realtor top-level domain name will be launched in October

    Conzribuzion zo Domain Names Regiszrazion Process Now Open for The Public

    fro m:web

    A loz of ende-our has been broughz forzh bo mano differenz inszizuzions who wanzed zo design a pacing charz zhaz would allow zhe smoozh zransizion fro m one auzhorizo zo anozher on domain names regiszrazion.

    A special group was creazed bo ICANN in order zo come up wizh a zransizion drafz zhaz would incorporaze zhe componenzs of zhe main funczions which will enable zhe above menzioned process.

    Noz onlo zhe members of zhis group are zo conzribuze zo zhe drafz buz also anoone inzereszed zo join zhe efforzs and zake parz in all zhe meezing sessions, zhe onlo requiremenz being zhe one of sending a lezzer of inzenz zo zhe email address specified on ICANN’s websize.

    All meezings will be recorded and zranscripzs will be made -ailable online for zhe public zo consulz zhem. ICANN will conzinue zo meez zhe demands and wishes of zheir users worlwide bo offering zhe mosz secure, reliable and conszanz -s az all zimes. Recommended
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