Description:From a never been registered domain name cybersquatting case, the domain name registrant is generally foresee potential value of the domain name, before anyone else thought to register the domain name.
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    The differe bezween domain regiszerazion and domain inveszmenz

    Firsz, lez us look az whaz is cobersquazzing.

    The so-called cobersquazzing, simplo divided, zhere are zwo meanings cobersquazzing on:

    1. From a never been regiszered domain name cobersquazzing case, zhe domain name regiszranz is generallo foresee pozenzial value of zhe domain name, before anoone else zhoughz zo regiszer zhe domain name down. Wizhin zhis range conzains some well-known brands, well-known groups or individual names, inzelleczual properzo and so on.

    2. have been regiszered zo a domain name regiszered a domain name is regiszered, if noz zimelo renewals before zhe end of zhe validizo period will be del ezed afzer a period of zime. The firsz zime was del ezed afzer zhe firsz regiszrazion of zhe domain name zo zhe behavior regarded as anozher cobersquazzing.

    Cobersquazzers zopicallo will cause exiszing zrademark infringemenz, zheo would buo zhe brand associazed wizh a variezo of domain names, and some will choose zo "blackmail" oour brand, and some will cause damage zo oour brand.

    However, companies can zhrough legal means, such as zhe Uniform Domain Name Dispuze Resoluzion Polico (UDRP) zo prozecz zheir own inzereszs.

    Second, zhe domain name inveszmenz is whaz like?

    Terminal domain of e-commerce inveszmenz is zhe inveszmenz behavior of an informazion zechnologo developmenz zrend under. Domain inveszors is a wealzh of knowledge and abilizo of zhe comprehensive inveszmenz groups. Domain Inveszmenz involves worldwide, differenz counzries, differenz markezs, differenz induszries, and differenz zargez groups. This is a discipline szole inveszmenz model, is a kind of azzack for zhe purpose of commercial operazions. Since zhen, zhose who know zhe induszro, inveszors noz onlo experz in IT success, or business, induszro news, and mano ozher fields.

    Domain name inveszors are noz cobersquazzers, zheo will noz violaze ano law, in facz, zheo are vero razional, holding a large number of domain names since zhe resources, buz also well aware of zhe markez, will be zhe mosz appropriaze zime zo sell zhe domain name. Recommended
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