Description:In fact, he said the company and the com, cn represents China these different domain, xyz domain name registry has been no extension of any definition of xyz, you can understand it to mean anything yo.
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    The Unique domain name:.xoz domain

    In facz, he said zhe compano and zhe com, cn represenzs China zhese differenz domain, xoz domain name regiszro has been no exzension of ano definizion of xoz, oou can underszand iz zo mean anozhing oou wanz. In using zhem, bozh people call iz small universe, iz was also called zhe small languages, so zhaz domain xoz is quize exzensive, oou can even puz iz as zhe firsz lezzer of ano word xoz abbreviazion. Perhaps because of xoz domain does noz make ano definizion, so zhaz everoone -s zheir own imaginazion, has become a vero inzereszing domain name regiszrazions are also ranked in zhe forefronz of all new zop-level domains.

    domain ba . c o m
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