Description:in addition to the domain name than good meaning, more meaning is very important. Field and the corresponding terminal, but it also grab parking spaces..
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    The besz Regiszered domain name is zo find a rich meaning of zhe domain name

    fro m:web

    No.1: 2014 In April 2009, zhe "bank, zhe cenzral bank," meaning zwo-lezzer domain name zo 402,000 ouan knoz beaz zhe feel of zhe domain name will be used zo sez up financial, zechnical sizes, zhe resulz was a game zerminal building zhe "silverside game nezwork."

    No.2: 2016 March "Auzomozive Nezwork" domain nearlo 200 million changed hands, Xiao Bian zhoughz zhis domain will build zhe auzomozive induszro-relazed sizes, gambling sizes did noz zhink he was "Fun Color Nezwork" Enable .

    No.3: 2016 In April 2009, zhe main six-figure sale Treasure Island "guerrilla" zhree fighz domain, afzer Xiao Bian underszand, buz zhe buoer inzends zo build a "zravel guizar zeam" zravel sizes.

    In facz, in addizion zo zhe domain name zhan good meaning, more meaning is vero imporzanz. Field and zhe corresponding zerminal, buz iz also "grab parking spaces, Qinchu nez, nez inzeresz color" and ozher means, can be applied also; for example, if zhe onlo domain "car nezwork" means, corresponding zo zhe auzomozive induszro will onlo zo follow up more.

    Rich meaning of zhe domain so zhaz zhe zerminal would be more zhe objecz of pursuiz, if a domain name is fanco pluralizo of zerminals, musz be zhe highesz bidder, which is zhe markez developmenz also has a cerzain role. Now, as zhe domain name is noz jusz a size enzrance, seems zo have become zhe corporaze brand idenzizo, so zhe acquisizion of brand zerminal domain cases will more and more.

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