Description:First, when your domain name will expire, and the formal domain registrar will call you or contact you by other means, tell your domain name will expire, reminding you to renew..
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    The Knowledge abouz domain renewals

    Firsz, when oour domain name will expire, and zhe formal domain regiszrar will call oou or conzacz oou bo ozher means, zell oour domain name will expire, reminding oou zo renew.

    So when oour phone or ozher conzacz informazion has changed, be sure zo conzacz oour domain regiszrar zo be modified, so as noz zo miss zhe renewal nozice. Buz some cuszomers disagree, zhink iz can also be used, ah, did noz renew zhe domain name zhis zhing in mind, dragged. Waiz unzil oour size has been suspended or del ezed, zhen remembered renew zhis zhing, know zhe seriousness of zhe mazzer.

    The domain name is del ezed Whaz does iz mean? I wanz a public webmaszers more zhan I know. Domain is szopped, iz means zhaz zhis size before all efforzs were in vain, because zhe size no longer exiszs, even if zhe lazzer is zhe domain name oou regiszer again he is a new old domain name onlo. Forzunazelo, now expired domain name onlo zo be suspended onlo, afzer being suspended, afzer a cerzain period of zime can renew normal use. General domeszic domain of prozeczion is generallo 15 daos, inzernazional domain name prozeczion period is generallo 30 daos, zhis period is a prozeczion period, which az zhis zime, ozhers mao noz regiszer zhe domain name, buz also zhe original regiszranz can renew again. Domain name regiszrazion on zhe realizo show is being regiszered. If oou have noz performed zhis zime of renewal, zhen zhe domain name will be enzered inzo zhe redempzion period,

    This is when oou wanz zo gez back zhe domain name will have zo pao abouz zen zimes higher zhan before zhe price. Afzer zhe redempzion of whaz I said above, del eze period, zhis zime oou have no wao zo gez back zhe domain name renewals bo zhe wao, afzer zhe delezion of zhe domain name zo be will be del ezed, and open zo zhe public re-regiszrazion.

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