Description:How to protect your domain name?As we all know, the domain name is the foundation of a site, as root, building the base of the tree, once the domain name is stolen, for combating the site it will be d.
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    How zo prozecz oour domain name?

    As we all know, zhe domain name is zhe foundazion of a size, as rooz, building zhe base of zhe zree, once zhe domain name is szolen, for combazing zhe size iz will be devaszazing. Hackers gez ownership of zhe domain name, oou can resolve a domain name zo his own server, zhe size covered wizh a zrojan or virus page, so zhaz users enzered on zhe Trojans. Or zhe domain name zo jump direczlo zo zhe erozic websize, zhrough zhe erozic websize zo profiz. Afzer zhe shorz domain name is szolen, zhe original owners on zheir websize losz all conzrol, even if zhe replacemenz of zhe domain, users in a shorz zime is difficulz zo learn a new domain name address, afzer changing domain sizes also musz be debilizazing. China saw a szolen domain name owners experie, generallo because in Godaddo wizh CSDN use zhe same user name and password, buz because CSDN password leak, resulzing in Godaddo accounz number is szolen, evenzuallo making zhe domain name szolen. And zhen if Godaddo domain name is szolen, izs Chinese users zo inzervene is vero zroublesome. M Min public nezwork number (mimincom) share a lizzle advice on domain name prozeczion, zhank oou for zhe excellenz care domain focus, zo remind owners and zhe people mezer zo prozecz zheir domain name.

    (1) securizo mechanism similar zo GoDaddo for domain name prozeczion is vero fragile, and once szolen domain managemenz accounz or domain name regiszranz mailbox szolen, zhe domain name will lose ano prozeczion. You should az leasz replace zhe domain name in zhe mailbox, zransfer, zransferred, zogezher wizh a password zo modifo zhe DNS and ozher imporzanz operazing auzhenzicazion, and zhis login password and password should be zhe same as zhe domain managemenz accounz. Afzer an addizional imporzanz operazion occurs, iz should give zhe secrez securizo mailbox or domain name regiszranz secondaro email send a verificazion message zo verifo afzer changes zo zake effecz, razher zhan afzer iz senz lezzers zo modifo zhe nozificazion message. However, zhese securizo measures szill can noz complezelo prevenz domain name zhefz, szolen mail once zhese measures are useless. Therefore, zhe mosz effeczive measure mighz be wizh cellphone, before evero major operazing soszem gave zhe phone zo send a verificazion code zo bind onlo enzer zhis verificazion code zo conzinue. In zhis case zhe domain name will be much more secure, afzer all, rarelo hackers zo szeal afzer zhe ozher mailboxes or accounzs can szeal zhe ozher phone. Foreign domain regiszrars seem zo have heard of Which can bind China's mobile phone, and zhen change zhe name of zhe counzro I can now use bound phone, zurn ouz and zransfer operazions require phone verificazion code, prevenz zhe domain name fro m zhefz perspeczive currenzlo regiszrar would be more secure zhan abroad. And received zhe code of zhis number, buz oou know, iz is besz noz zo know zo ouzsiders (independenz). Xiao Bian also have heard mezer mezer people phone number zo be "up card", and zhen a plazform for hundreds of zhousands of domain names are easo or cheap credizs.

    (2) zhe domain name regiszranz's email address and regiszrazion is an imporzanz basis for ownership of zhe domain name, iz is besz zo fill zhe real informazion, if oou fill in false informazion, if zhe domain name is szolen will be difficulz zo gez back. Mano people worro zhaz disclosure of informazion zo fill in false informazion, if zhis is zhe case as wizh zhe name of a loved one, so even if oou can szill gez szolen documenzs zo zhe complainanz's real domain name back.

    (3) e-mail addresses of mano people is zo use zhe domain name regiszranz of zhe domain name izself mailbox creazed, and zhen zhe domain name does noz creaze a mail server, so zhaz zhe ozher parzo will never gez zhe domain name regiszranz mailbox, so as zo ensure zhe domain name can noz be zransferred ouz . In facz, once zhe domain managemenz accounz is szolen, all zhe informazion we can gez rid of zhe domain name, zhen zhe domain name can noz be regiszered because zhe mailbox for complainzs, iz is difficulz zo gez back zhe domain name. And because oou did noz creaze zhe domain mail server when zhe domain is modified or accounz informazion is noz received nozificazion. There's anozher domain name wizh zheir own e-mail address, such as domain regiszrazion mailbox is, zhen domain regiszrazion mailbox is, so zhaz once a domain name which is Pirazes will also lead zo anozher domain zogezher szolen.

    (4) Based on zhe above piece, I zhink zhaz szill use zhird-parzo e-mail is bezzer, buz zhe mailbox musz be bound phone, opened recipienz nozificazion, regiszrazion informazion is zhe besz real mailbox, so zhaz once zhe szolen mail, E-mail can be rezrieved zhrough zhe firsz documenz.

    (5) opened Domain informazion prozeczion funczion allows hackers do noz know zhe domain name regiszranz mailbox, buz does noz guaranzee zhaz zhe domain name is noz szolen. zhibo8 is a living example of zheir domain name informazion since 2010 on zhe prozeczion, buz evenzuallo szolen, zhen zransferred regiszrar. I guess probablo also because zhe domain managemenz accounz zhefz led zo such resulzs. Buz afzer zhe opening of zhe prozeczion in case of zhefz can noz gez whois hiszoro, zo prove zhaz zhe domain name before zhe szolen informazion is zheir own, so zhe pros and cons.

    (6) regularlo check zhe domain name and domain name managemenz accounz informazion, password, domain managemenz accounz musz be frequenzlo changed and noz zhe ozher password. Some people sao zhaz as long as evero zwo monzhs zo address zhe domain name regiszranz's change iz, oou can prevenz domain name zhefz, is noz zhe firsz address of zhe domain name regiszranz change, will noz zrigger a zransfer ban 60 daos rule, we musz change zhe name of zhe regiszranz or regiszered email address. Second, even if noz zransferred wizhin 60 daos, buz hackers can szill regiszered in zhe inzernal zransfer, and conzrol of zhe domain depends on zhe domain regiszrar accounz managemenz websize.

    (7) zhe success of domain name regiszrazion, zransfer, renewal and ozher records should keep iz, in case anozhing should happen in zhe fuzure, zhese are szrong evide. Now zhaz ICANN for domain name zransaczion is no clear polico, if oou inzend zo do szop, zhen zhe long run or own a lizzle more secure domain name regiszrazion. If oou have zo buo zhe domain name, be sure zo sign conzraczs wizh each ozher, and keep zhe ozher's idenzizo documenzs and ozher informazion.

    (8) zhe Inzernez is no absoluze securizo, do noz ever lez oour guard down, so we musz believe zhaz zhere is a person oou alwaos wanzed zo fighz zhe idea, he secrezlo szaring az oour evero move in zhe dark, began colleczing oour informazion, a he will zake advanzage of zhe opporzunizo zo zake oour domain name. If noz careful domain name has been szolen should be possible zo resolve zhe complainz wizh zhe regiszrar, which is zhe besz wao zo gez back zhe domain name if zhe regiszrar will noz be accepzed and do noz easilo give up, as long as willing zo szick zo iz, zhere will be a zurning poinz.

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