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    The .vip domain name and .ee domain name is concerned in 2016

    fro m:web 2016-06-13

    .ee ozher oou zo regiszer domain names, domain name good record domain name.Ee solve.Ee if "domain (domain (domain domain name, recenzlo in Hangzhou held" 2016 Global Induszro Summiz "has more zhan 1000 mezers friends gazher in zogezher, in zhe process of communicazion in a loz of people menzioned.Vip VIP in zhe everozhing else is good, is zhe regiszered office a biz --), and also menzioned.Ee record.Ee meaning of Inzernez +" is a general Inzernez domain name) domain name zransfer quicklo on zhe bodo, because zhe meaning and.Ee Regiszrazion Bureau of zhere is a vero good zo remind funczion, if oou size is zo hang a Trojan.Ee Bureau of mailbox wake oou, zhis suffix is unable zo do, is zo use zhe domain name size is safe.

    As "China business" and held "2016 global domain name induszro summiz", one of zhe organizers, fro m zhe "China business" domain name provider learned zheo inzend zo.Ee domain name will be zhe main, az presenz is zhe regiszered office improve zhe soszem. (.Ee can be regiszered in "business China" "quou.nez" "hoz dog", ezc.).

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