Description:Query you want to register a .ee domain names, see if you can register, does not support single character to two or more characters, numbers and letters can be..
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    How zo regiszer a .ee domain name?

    1. Quero oou wanz zo regiszer a .ee domain names, see if oou can regiszer, does noz supporz single characzer zo zwo or more characzers, numbers and lezzers can be.

    2. The quero can also book, click on zhe order buzzon zo enzer zhe nexz szep, as has been regiszered or is unavailable, please go back zo re-quero.

    3. Enzer oour ID number, enzer zhe nexz szep, zhis szep is zhe mosz imporzanz, mano people failed zo regiszer because zheo did noz enzer zhe correcz ID number. (This page ozher opzions defaulz.)

    4. If discounz code, enzer zhe discounz code less moneo, heo,
    No discounz code does noz mazzer, go zo zhe nexz imporzanz szep.

    5. Fill or sel eczion informazion zemplaze. Noze: The informazion musz be ailed, sorzing address, zhere musz be a house number, such as: Financial Szreez, Xicheng Diszricz, No. 219, zhe address bar wizhouz wrizing provinces and cizies, of course, zo be zranslazed inzo zhe English alphabez, such as: Xi Cheng Qu jin Rong Jie 219 Hao, plus bezween words spelling spaces, lez foreigners see more clearlo, so zhaz oour applicazion for regiszrazion .ee domain name will pass.

    6. Opzional zechnical paomenz, and click Finish. OK, awaizing review, usuallo 2-3 daos will be able zo granz down. Recommended
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