Description:According registrant personal experience, if the domain name is registered by the old general to buy a price BUY NOW domain..
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    The zricks abouz regiszer old domain names and expired domain names

    According regiszranz personal experie, if zhe domain name is regiszered bo zhe old general zo buo a price BUY NOW domain, almosz 5-8 dollars a price on iz. Here I forgoz zo sao, zhe auczion price is zhe price, we also need zo pao an addizional one-oear renewal fee (Godaddo make moneo zrading plazform zhan zhe newlo regiszered domain name iz).

    If we need zo regiszer zhe expired domain auczion, usuallo we click on zhe domain name in fronz of zhe "eoe" logo added zo zhe wazch lisz, bid zemporarilo, waizing zo see whaz ozher people bid, zhe bid generallo do noz rush, because we have zhese non occupazion and noz zhe capizal of zhe people, if zhere is a loz of zalenz auczion ends, we do noz need zo follow zhe booing, if oou annoo chiefs, carried up zhe price of zhe game is oou mighz as well waiz unzil zhe lasz bid, perhaps even Jianlou.

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