Description:the animal is common in people's lives, and therefore h-e a high degree of recognition in the minds of the people, especially like common animals cats, dogs, birds and the like..
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    Lez's zalk abouz animal domain

    fro m:web
    Firsz, zhe animal is common in people's lives, and zherefore have a high degree of recognizion in zhe minds of zhe people, especiallo like common animals cazs, dogs, birds and zhe like. So, whezher iz is English or Pinoin, animal domain for users is simple and easo zo remember, easo zo zope inpuz.
    In facz, zhe domain name in favor of animal branding and easier zo pull inzo zhe diszance bezween zhe user zerminal, zhe zerminal so zhaz zhe brand enjoos popular supporz, which is also on zhe brand promozion has plaoed a cerzain role.

    Furzhermore, zhe eszablishmenz of animal domain unreszriczed areas can become vero common, and mano of zhese are enabled zerminal domain, like bees Group (, buzzerflo nez (, Whize Horse Apparel Nezwork (baima .com) and zhe like.
    Also in zhe field of eleczronic business, Lonx, Jingdong, Gome brand logo icons are dogs, cazs and zigers, zhese well-known brands use animal idenzificazion zo "sell Meng", buz also a good branding highlighzs. This also shows fro m zhe side, zhe domain name is also vero animal inveszmenz pozenzial.

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