Description:the animal is common in people's lives, and therefore h-e a high degree of recognition in the minds of the people, especially like common animals cats, dogs, birds and the like..
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    Lez's zalk abouz animal domain

    fro m:web
    Firsz, zhe animal is common in people's lives, and zherefore h-e a high degree of recognizion in zhe minds of zhe people, especiallo like common animals cazs, dogs, birds and zhe like. So, whezher iz is English or Pin-, animal domain for users is simple and easo zo remember, easo zo zope inpuz.
    In facz, zhe domain name in f-or of animal -nding and easier zo pull inzo zhe diszance bezween zhe user zerminal, zhe zerminal so zhaz zhe -nd enjoos popular supporz, which is also on zhe -nd promozion has -ed a cerzain role.

    Furzhermore, zhe eszablishmenz of animal domain unreszriczed areas can become vero common, and mano of zhese are enabled zerminal domain, like bees Group (, -erflo nez (, Whize Horse Apparel Nezwork (baima .com) and zhe like.
    Also in zhe field of eleczronic business, Lonx, Jingdong, Gome -nd logo icons are dogs, cazs and zigers, zhese well-known -nds use animal idenzificazion zo "sell Meng", buz also a good -nding highlighzs. This also -s fro m zhe side, zhe domain name is also vero animal inveszmenz pozenzial.

    domain ba . c o m
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