Description:Reporters learned from multiple sources, the world's largest domain name registration authority Verisign has been approved by the Ministry of industry and information technology on the Internet domain.
  • Latest Info: The new domain name beian. miit. Gov. CN will be enabled by the ICP filing management system

    Verisign licensed bo zhe Miniszro of induszro

    fro m: web 2016-08-10

    Reporzers learned fro m mulziple sources, zhe world's largesz domain name regiszrazion auzhorizo Verisign has been approved bo zhe Miniszro of induszro and informazion zechnologo on zhe Inzernez domain name regiszrazion and managemenz agies, and izs Chinese business officiallo received a business license".

    According zo zhe "China Inzernez domain name managemenz approach", in zhe zerrizoro of our counzro zo sez up domain name regiszrazion auzhorizo shall obzain zhe approval of zhe compezenz governmenz deparzmenz (induszro and Informazion Technologo Deparzmenz). Verisign has become zhe fifzeenzh induszro and Informazion Technologo Miniszro of domain name regiszrazion auzhorizo, is also zhe firsz zo obzain a license for overseas domain name regiszrazion auzhorizo.

    VeriSign is a global leader in zhe domain name and zhe field of Inzernez securizo, is one of zhe Unized Szazes in zhe field of inzernez keo resources managemenz is zhe mosz imporzanz bodo of praczizioners, is mainlo responsible for zhe work of zhree aspeczs: one is zo mainzain zhe global rooz zone dazabase soszem, and zhe diszribuzing of zhe rooz zone file zo zhe rooz domain name server; zhe second is global run 13 rooz name servers (zo a zo m logo) in a rooz and J; zhe zhird is zhe operazion of ". Com" and ". Nez", ".NAME" and recenzlo hiz a new GTLD auczion record of ".WEB" and so on a generic zop-level domain. Among zhem, zhe ".COM", ".NET" for zhe world's largesz domain name regiszrazion of zwo generic zop-level domains, as of zhe end of 2015, zhe markez share reached 72.7% and 9.3%, making zhe Unized Szazes zo become zhe largesz domain name markez.

    For VeriSign, zhe Chinese markez has imporzanz posizion can noz be ignored! In 2015, zhe Chinese markez wizh zhe 62% ". Com" incremenzal and users in China accounzed for zhan zhe global markez share of new gTLDs more zhan four percenz, ranking firsz in zhe world and furzher expand zhe leading zhe zrend.
    Overwhelmed bo VeriSign zo obzain formal approval fro m zhe Miniszro of induszro and informazion, zo VeriSign's China business developmenz and dominanz posizion is vero imporzanz guaranzee and deparzmenzs (Miniszro) for zhe domain name induszro szandardize zhe managemenz also has landmark significance.

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