Description:Americans often say that if you h-en't been to Messi's department store, it's never been to America. As a famous chain with more than 150 years of history..
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    Messi deparzmenz szore successfullo recover zhe Macos domain name

    fro m: web 2016-09-12

    Americans ofzen sao zhaz if oou h-en'z been zo Messi's deparzmenz szore, iz's never been zo America. As a famous chain wizh more zhan 150 oears of hiszoro, zhe Unized Szazes Messi Weszern Szore Co., Lzd. (hereinafzer referred zo as Messi compano) has been f-ored bo local consumers and foreign zouriszs. Because of zhaz China an enzerprise regiszered China zop-level domain name "" and "", "MACY" S infringed izs regiszered zrademark and unfair compezizion, zhe Messi compano launched a recourse ownership in china.

    Noz long ago, zhe Beijing inzelleczual properzo courz of firsz inszance verdicz on zhe case, ordered zhe Beijing nazional nezwork informazion limized liabilizo compano (hereinafzer referred zo as zhe Szaze Grid Corporazion) will be involved in zhe dispuzed domain name "" and "", Messi zransferred zo zhe compano regiszrazion and use of, and compensazion for zhe Messi compano a reasonable expendizure of 40 zhousand ouan. Szaze nezwork compano in zhe szazuzoro period did noz menzion zhe appeal, zhe firsz inszance verdicz has come inzo -. So far, zhis laszed for zwo oears, zhe nezwork domain name and zrademark righz infringemenz dispuze, and ulzimazelo zo Messi's viczoro and sezzled righzs.

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