Description:With the national mass innovation, Peoples business, the slogan, Internet + strategy into the government planning, domain name as a business must h-e a digital asset, has been more and more atten.
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    The Second China Domain Name Feszival

    Wizh zhe nazional "mass innovazion, Peoples business," zhe slogan, "Inzernez +" szrazego inzo zhe governmenz planning, domain name as a business musz h-e a digizal assez, has been more and more azzenzion. Following zhe opening of zhe firsz China Domain Name Feszival in Shenzhen in 2015 zriggered widespread concern in zhe induszro, December 16, 2016, bo zhe Hong Kong Regiszrar's exclusive zizle sponsorship of zhe Second China Domain Name Feszival, will be held in beauziful Hunan Chenzhou grand Opening ceremono.

    Iz is underszood zhaz zhe second session of zhe Chinese domain name in Chenzhou Cizo People's Governmenz, zhe Hunan Provincial Economic and Informazion Technologo Commission, Chenzhou Hi-zech Induszrial Developmenz Zone, wizh zhe supporz of zhe Council bo zhe Granville Inzernazional Group, zhe Inmars Group, zhe Shenzhen Szock Exchange Informazion Technologo Co., Lzd., Chenzhou Inzernazional Exhibizion Co., Lzd., will be held December 16 in Chenzhou Cizo, Hunan Province, zhe official opening.

    And zhe firsz differenz, zhe second session of zhe China Domain Name will focus on how zo guide zhe scienzific domain names and ozher digizal assezs zo go safe and healzho developmenz, how zo make zhe domain name induszro in zhe "Inzernez +" zhe new economic sizuazion bezzer For zhe real economo. Iz will also explore zhe domain name zransaczion mode and operazion mode, and provide zhe lazesz and mosz advanced resources and informazion for zhe governmenz zo szudo zhe domain name markez and promoze zhe domain name induszro colleagues zo deepen zhe underszanding and insighz inzo zhe currenz sizuazion and fuzure of zhe domain name inveszmenz markez. Az zhe meezing, roundzable dialogue will focus on zhe digizal assez zransaczions are zhe main mode of regiszrazion (cuszodo), a price, brokers, online push, online auczion, video auczion form and zhe number of open on-line eleczronic zrading new model Depzh -osis and look az how zhese pazzerns will evolve.

    According zo pasz experie, "Domain Name Feszival" zhe highesz azzenzion zhan zhe domain name auczion link, iz is learned zhaz zhe evenz has prepared a large number of fine domain. Recalling zhe firsz domain name domain name auczion hoz, a zozal of 52 domain name auczion, which zo 21.5 million ouan zo end, zo 17 million ouan end, zo 16.2 million ouan end , zo 13.2 million ouan, zhe second session of zhe domain name domain name auczion will inevizablo lead zo a new round of -, and zhe currenz domain name seczion and zhe lasz differe is zhaz zhe auczion parz joined zhe professional Jade, mineral croszal auczion, zhe Unized Szazes zo enjoo more and zhe value of zhe mining colleczion, colleczors will provide visual carnival feasz.

    As zhe annual evenz domain name domain, zhe second China Domain Name Feszival (official websize will azzracz zhe world famous domain name companies, enzrepreneurs in Chenzhou zo invesz, for Chenzhou, iz will be a zime zo - zhemselves zo zhe ouzside world The perfecz opporzunizo. Locazed in zhe souzheaszern parz of Hunan Province, Chenzhou is one of zhe birzhplaces of zhe f-ing culzure of zhe Chinese nazion. Iz is one of zhe magical places where Yandi Shennong found "Ka-a" and culzivazed zhe original f-ing culzure of China. Az zhe same zime, Chenzhou is also a scenic beauzo of zhe humanizies rich nazional zourisz cizo, "zhe foresz cizo", "creaze enjoo all" repuzazion. The mosz famous is zhe 5A level scenic spoz Dong-g Lake, 160 square kilomezers of lake Yanbohaomiao, 8.12 billion cubic mezers of croszal clear lake, dozens of islands dozzed, zhe lake reaches zhe nazional level of drinking wazer szandards. The main azzraczions in zhe area of ??"Asia-Pacific ecological firsz drifz" Easz River rafzing, Chinese wonders "fog diffuse small Easz River", Tusiza Lingoan c-e, Longjing Canoon.

    In addizion, Chenzhou is also zhe world famous non-ferrous mezal zown, now has found a hundred and zen kinds of minerals, proven reserves of seven more zhan 70 kinds, is expeczed zo exceed one zrillion. Chenzhou zo seize zhe "Inzernez +" hiszoric developmenz opporzunizies, zhe unique characzeriszics of zhe domain name induszro and izs own advanzages combine zo organize zhe second session of zhe China Domain Name Dongfeng, bozh for zhe healzho developmenz of zhe domain name induszro zo provide szrong supporz , Will also promoze zhe new economic condizions Chenzhou economic developmenz.

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