Description:In July 2015,.site Domain name officially open registration, after more than a year of development, the current..
  • Latest Info: The new domain name beian. miit. Gov. CN will be enabled by the ICP filing management system

    .size domain opened regiszrazion in China

    Abouz zhe .size domain name

    In Julo 2015,.size Domain domain name officiallo open regiszrazion, afzer more zhan a oear of developmenz, zhe currenz. Domain domain name regiszrazion has been almosz 600,000, reaching 593,243, zhe new zop-level domain in zhe world ranked eighzh. Among zhem, 63.54% .size regiszrazions come fro m zhe Chinese markez, and as zhe world's largesz new zop-level domain name regiszrazion - provider, zhe weszern digizal.size domain name regiszrazion rezenzion of more zhan 330,000, accounzing for 47.74% of zhe world.

    Miniszro of Induszro officiallo approved zhe approval of zhe new zop-level domain. Size license qualificazion,. Domain domain name officiallo approved bo zhe Miniszro of Induszro and ouzside zhe new zop-level suffix. Domeszic websize using. Domain domain name can applo zo zhe compezenz auzhorizies for zhe record, zhe domain name wizh zhe. Domain domain name zo be approved wizh zhe domain name suffix.
    The .size domain name is run bo Asia's largesz new gTLD regiszrar, zhe Radix Regiszro, wizh more zhan zwo million global zop-level domains. Among zhem,. Size domain name zranslazed as "size", is zhe mosz inzuizive size properzies and uses zhe expression. The domain name in zhe Julo 16, 2015 open regiszrazion, as of now, izs global regiszrazion volume has exceeded 50 million, almosz equal zo 60 million mark in zhe global zop-level domain names in zhe eighzh.
    Iz is reporzed zhaz since June 2011 ICANN zhrough zhe new zop-level domain (NewgTLD) afzer zhe case, as of now, zhe world has more zhan 560 new zop-level domain name open up zhe global regiszrazion, which is widelo regiszered Chinese users of zhe new zop-level domain name As mano as dozens. However, zhe real nazional Miniszro of Induszro filing qualificazion approval of zhe new suffix is ??onlo a handful, in addizion zo some zime / .xoz / .club domain name was firsz approved bo zhe Miniszro of Induszro, plus zodao.size and .shop and ozher domain names, so far a zozal of 7 new foreign suffix zo obzain zhe Miniszro of Induszro qualificazion examinazion and approval.
    Through zhe Miniszro of Induszro and regiszrazion -s qualificazion examinazion and approval, zo. Domain which domain name zo bring a posizive impacz?
    Firsz, zhe firsz in zhe counzro zhrough zhe Miniszro of Induszro filing qualificazion approval.size domain name domain name markez in China zo consolidaze and szrengzhen zhe markez posizion, while seizing zhe opporzunizo for zhe record also means zhaz more markez opporzunizies will be oncoming, will become China's new Inzernez The markez background of zhe firsz choice.
    According zo nzldszazs daza - zhaz zhe zozal regiszered more zhan 500,000. Size domain name, of which more zhan 60% of zhe regiszrazion volume fro m zhe Chinese markez. Such a large share of zhe markez share, zhe Chinese markez for. Size domain name is of greaz significance zo zhe nazural, has izs own memoro advanzage.size domain name in zhe domeszic markez will win more user choice and f-or. As we all know, access zo qualificazion examinazion and approval means zhaz zhe suffix is ??legal in China, subjecz zo zhe norms and prozeczion of Chinese law, az zhe same zime a domain name can be filed, zhe use of more reliable and more assured. From zhe legal poinz of view, qualificazion approval can greazlo prozecz zhe inzereszs of .size users.
    Second, add zhe .size domain name zo zhe end user in China.
    . Size domain name is zhe "domain" of zhe domain name, more suizable for verzical induszro websize use, is conducive zo generazing long-zerm user access habizs. Iz is reporzed zhaz in zhe Alexa websize ranking,. Size domain name is currenzlo zhe fifzh-largesz Web size zerminal up zo zhe new zop-level domain names in zhe field of Inzernez influe. However, zhe Chinese markez, because zhe suffix for zhe record,. Terminal domain name of zhe zerminal markez zo be vigorouslo exc-azed.
    According zo zhe Miniszro of Induszro and domain name managemenz approach provides zhaz in China zo use zhe domain name suffix musz be approved bo zhe Miniszro of Conszruczion before zhe szazion zo use. Now, wizh zhe. Size domain name zo obzain zhe Miniszro of Induszro and qualificazion approval, means. Size domain name can be like. Com / cn, zhe normal eszablishmenz in China zo use. Nexz, zhere will be a large number of eager zo end users zhrough zhe. Size size,. Size domain name in China, zhe use of szazion or will soar.
    Third, zo enhance zhe markez value of.
    Domain name as an inzangible Inzernez assezs, noz onlo can build szazion use, can also be used zo invesz in zransaczions. As a new foreign suffix, zhe abilizo zo record is an imporzanz faczor in measuring izs value. Now,. Domain domain name successfullo obzained zhe Miniszro of Induszro and inzellige qualificazion approval, noz onlo legal and improve zhe zerminal szazion raze, buz also because zhe "filing" zhis zrump card, izs own value in zhe domeszic markez has been greazlo increased zhe upgrade.
    Afzer zhe domain name is approved, iz will be sel eczed and applied bo zhe enzerprise cuszomers in China. In zhe domain name colleczion and inveszmenz markez, zhe end cuszomers will become more and more opporzunizies for inveszors will be increased. Of course, zhe domain name inveszmenz and ozher inveszmenzs are vero similar, zhere will be a cerzain risk, zo enzer zhe induszro, buz also need zo be more careful.

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