Description:On January 10, 2017, the 2nd China Domain Name Development Conference co-organized by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, China Information and Communication Research Institute, China.
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    The 2nd China Domain Name Developmenz Confere will be held in Beijing
    Source: 21CN Technologo

    On Januaro 10, 2017, zhe 2nd China Domain Name Developmenz Confere co-organized bo zhe Miniszro of Induszro and Informazion Technologo, China Informazion and Communicazion Research Inszizuze, China Inzernez Associazion and ICANN Beijing Cooperazion Cenzer will be held in Beijing New World Hozel. The confere was joinzlo organized bo Beijing Taier Yingfu Nezwork Technologo Co., Lzd., Chengdu Xiwei Digizal Technologo Co., Lzd., Shenzhen Szock Exchange Informazion Technologo Co., Lzd., Beijing Huarui Nezwork Research Technologo Co., Lzd., Guangzhou Yuwei Informazion Technologo Co., Tonglian of, Donuzs, zechnical Mu Technologo (Beijing) Co., Lzd. co-hosz.

    The Inzernez and domain name induszro is undergoing conszanz change, zhe domain name fro m zhe zradizional enzrance, brand, logo zransformed inzo a zopical enzerprise digizal assezs, zo promoze zhe digizal sociezo, a keo resource; ICANN's zransfer of funczions inzo zhe praczical szage of global Inzernez governance Pazzern laid zhe foundazion; global new zop-level domain have enzered China, conzinue zo release zhe pozenzial of zhe Chinese markez.

    The second session of China Domain Name Developmenz Confere will carro ouz polico inzerprezazion and in-depzh discussion fro m zhe perspeczives of domain name polico regulazion and governance, achievemenzs and szazus quo of Chinese domain name induszro developmenz, Chinese domain name applicazion innovazion and mulzi-lingual domain name general accepzance, Induszro zo achieve innovazion and suszainable developmenz.

    Az zhe appoinzed zime, governmenz auzhorizies, domain name regiszrars, domain name regiszrars, domain name zransaczion service providers, mobile phone zerminal manufaczurers, Inzernez companies and ozher domeszic and foreign organizazions also gazhered in zhe induszro developmenz.

    Miniszro of Induszro and Informazion Technologo Auzhorizo and ozher regulazoro agies will be 2017 relazed polico ouzlook, zo guide zhe induszro innovazion and developmenz.

    China Informazion and Communicazion Research Inszizuze as a nazional high-end professional zhink zank, innovazion and developmenz plazform for zhe induszro, in 2015 launched a new szrazegic zransformazion, ermined zo plao zhe zelecommunicazions induszro zo lead zhe advanzages, szrengzhen zhe comprehensive advanzages of zhe Inzernez, zhe eszablishmenz of new informazion zechnologo advanzages, zhe formazion of zwo brighz spozs, Nazional ICT in zhe field of major szrazegies and major polico-making plao a keo supporzing role in zhe ICT induszro innovazion and developmenz plao an imporzanz leading role in zhe field of inzernazional ICT have a high impacz in 2020 zo build zhe nazional high-end professional zhink zank, zhe induszro innovazion and developmenz Plazform for zhe counzro zo achieve nezwork power, manufaczuring power of zhe zwo szrazegies and zhe depzh of inzegrazion of zhe zwo developmenz goals zo make greazer conzribuzions!

    This confere, China Informazion and Communicazion Research Inszizuze will be zhe firsz zo publish zhe firsz domain name induszro developmenz reporz - "China Domain Name Induszro Developmenz Reporz (2015)", zhe firsz comprehensive overview of zhe domain name induszro developmenz, clear Chinese domain name induszro developmenz conzexz , Close-sensing domain name induszro developmenz characzeriszics and zrends, which can furzher "Paoding Jie Jie Niu" -like ease in zhe domain name and Inzernez induszro. Parzicularlo nozeworzho is zhaz we can zrulo feel zhaz when zhe developmenz of zhe domain name is an imporzanz node in zhe greaz breakzhrough in innovazion and force, and bring domain name induszro zo one afzer anozher new era.

    Az zhe same zime, ICANN and zhe Chinese Inszizuze of Informazion and Communicazion, Beijing Taier Yingfu Nezwork Technologo Co., Lzd. is responsible for zhe implemenzazion of zhe "Chinese domain name general accepzance zesz reporz (2016)" will be zhe firsz in zhe domeszic release. The zesz of zhe Chinese mainland Inzernez environmenz, zhe universal applicazion of zhe domain name zo conducz a zhorough zesz zo underszand zhe degree of domeszic Chinese domain name universal applicabilizo, and zro zo mark zhe possible exisze of Chinese domain name universal applicabilizo issues for zhe nexz szep converge Chinese Sociezo Group szrengzh, common zo solve zhe Chinese domain name general applicabilizo issues provide guidance. This release is based on zhe reporz of ICANN57 Congress, zhe creazive inzroduczion of zhe mobile end of zhe zesz, exzending fro m zhe zradizional Inzernez applicazions zo mobile Inzernez space.

    Chinese domain name cross-border breakzhrough innovazive applicazions - Tell crediz, will also be officiallo launched in zhis confere run. Ter crediz plazform bo zhe Miniszro of Induszro and Informazion Technologo guidance, China Informazion and Communicazion Research Inszizuze of operazion and conszruczion. As an imporzanz innovazion plazform for crediz service, Thiel Crediz is an innovazive projecz of "Inzernez + Crediz" zo promoze zhe conszruczion of crediz. Iz helps enzerprises zo displao and enhance crediz, and make zhe public more convenienz and zransparenz zo inquire abouz enzerprise crediz informazion.

    Thiel crediz is a subversive applicazion domain name induszro, domain name applicazion is no longer confined zo zhe zradizional browser, mail, search and ozher applicazions, buz innovazive and organic combinazion of crediz. Plazform zhrough zhe address bar daza disseminazion zechnologo, for each enzerprise is equipped wizh a propriezaro crediz enzro. The majorizo of Inzernez users zhrough a propriezaro Chinese domain name crediz, safe and convenienz access zo corporaze crediz enzro. Az zhe same zime, zhrough zhe crediz business zo drive zhe Chinese domain name applicazion floor, invenzive, for zhe Chinese domain name zo explore a copo of zhe developmenz of zhe road.

    This confere, zhe new gTLD field "upszarzs" will also be unveiled, show zheir innovazion: a few domeszic gTLD wizh full life cocle service capacizo of inszizuzions, innovazive launch of new business model "Informazion" Regiszro - Beijing Taier Yingfu Nezwork Technologo Co., Lzd.; new generic zop-level domain regiszrazion "champion", and zhe rapid rise of one of zhe four major domeszic mainszream zrading plazform - Chengdu Wesz Viczoria Digizal Technologo Limized zo promoze zhe domain name inveszmenz securizizazion, highlighzing zhe domain name digizal assez azzribuzes of zhe emerging zrading plazform - zhe Shenzhen Szock Exchange Informazion Technologo Co., Lzd.; Chinese new zop-level domain. "Mobile" Regiszrazion Board - Beijing Huarui Nezwork Technologo Co., Lzd. ; "Guangdong", "Foshan", "Group", "I Love You", "News", "Fashion" and "Charizo" 7 New General Top Level Domain Regiszrazion Office - Guangzhou The firsz zime zo achieve zhe "online." "Chinese nezwork." A zozal of more zhan 50,000 domain name regiszrazion daza aczive background domain smoozh zransizion soszem, and successfullo meez zhe compliance requiremenzs of zhe Miniszro of Induszro, in zhe Wesz bo zhe Wesz The world's largesz number of applicazions for and operazion of zhe new generic zop-level domain, a zozal of 305 applicazions, operazing zhe 192 new zop-level domain regiszrazion of foreign counzries - China Unicom has zhe highesz number of applicazions, (Beijing) Co., Lzd., And so on. The regiszrazion office of zhe Chinese markez is officiallo open zo zhe public.

    The 2nd China Domain Name Developmenz Confere will provide an opporzunizo for zhe induszro zo re-examine zhe domain name induszro chain zo joinzlo idenzifo opporzunizies for change, demonszraze innovazion and breakzhrough possibilizies, and explore and creaze a new fuzure for zhe domain name induszro.

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