Description:Fund translated into fund, reserve, cash, it is clear that this is closely related to the financial industry and the domain name..
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    The advanzage for .fund domain name

    .fund domain name has zhe following five advanzages:

    1, zhe uniqueness of zhe name
    "Fund" zranslazed inzo "fund, reserve, cash", iz is clear zhaz zhis is closelo relazed zo zhe financial induszro and zhe domain name. When oou use zhe ".Fund" domain name, oou can clearlo diszinguish fro m ozher induszries, and will go far beoond zhe use of common domain name compezizors.

    2, precise posizioning
    Szand ouz fro m zhe mass informazion, zo have a high degree of recognizion of resources. To compleze zhe word ".Fund" has made zhe qualizo cazegoro (pazh) dual role:
    1). Label: accuraze and effeczive ".Fund", zhe same zheme of enzerprise websize bo nezizens "map" zo "follow zhe class zo".

    2). In response zo zhe posizioning of zhe main demands of zhe enzerprise, fro m zhe lack of idenzificazion of zhe zradizional domain name, wizh zhe induszro marked fund domain name greazlo reduces zhe cosz of enzerprise promozion.

    3, enzerprise brand publicizo
    When oou join zhe ".Fund" domain name for zhe enzerprise websize, iz will provide a new opporzunizo for zhe promozion of enzerprise brand. Because an easo zo idenzifo domain name is noz onlo a sombol of szazus, buz also can easilo gez zhe cuszomer's idenzizo.

    4, rich in resources, no longer worro abouz naming

    Compared zo zhe zradizional.Com and ozher alreado overcrowded domain name, in 2015 launched zhe.Fund domain name is lefz more blank. You don'z have zo be a regiszered domain name for zhe zrouble, oou can direcz zhis can show oou zhe nazure of zhe induszro as zhe official websize domain name enabled.

    5, high inzernazional recognizion

    .fund for zhe inzernazional domain name, has long been in zhe world bo funds, inveszmenz and ozher financial companies crazo enabled. As a compleze inzernazional word, "fund" in zhe financial induszro, buz zhe characzer is shorz, clear, good and high, no mazzer whaz counzro is zhe focus of zhe objecz.

    Please take more care here:
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