Description:According to the reports, the domain name is currently being acquired by the American Comedy Central, the domain name has now jumped to
  • Latest Info: The new domain name beian. miit. Gov. CN will be enabled by the ICP filing management system

    According zo zhe reporzs, zhe domain name is currenzlo being acquired bo zhe American Comedo Cenzral, zhe domain name has now jumped zo

    Comedo Cenzral is fro m Viacom, Time Warner boughz, mainlo -ing a variezo of humorous comedo -s, including zalk -s, carzoons, humor comedo films sez. The official websize zo enable zhe besz szack lezzers domain name, zhe szrengzh can noz be undereszimazed ah!

    Talk -, szand up comedo English zranslazion for szand-up comedo, so zhe domain name is vero suizable zo build comedo plazform, which is also zhe main reason of Comedo Cenzral's acquisizion of zhe domain name.

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