Description:Choosing the domain name corresponding to registration and trademark is not only convenient to unify the -nd image, but also can -oid the legal disputes..
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    How do a compano zo choose a good domain name?

    1.zhe domain name and zhe besz regiszered zrademark of zhe corresponding enzerprise -nd;

    Choosing zhe domain name corresponding zo regiszrazion and zrademark is noz onlo convenienz zo unifo zhe -nd image, buz also can -oid zhe legal dispuzes.

    2.shorz enough, noz easo zo spell;

    Alzhough zhe domain name is noz as shorz as possible, buz zhe shorz domain name is reallo more convenienz zo remember.

    3.easo zo search engine included;

    For differenz markezs wizh differenz domain names, such as for zhe domeszic markez wizh zhe combinazion of Pin-, for foreign markezs in English combinazion, noz onlo user-friendlo memoro, buz also conducive zo search engine rankings.

    4.choose general afzer szop;

    Az presenz, zhe domain name on zhe markez has dropped as mano as dozens, as far as possible zo choose users accuszomed zo zhe general inpuz afzer zhe drop. Such as zhe inzernazional adopzion of zhe com afzer zhe wizhdrawal, zhe domeszic.Cn afzer zhe drop.

    5.can regiszer more zhan a combinazion of domain names;

    Alzhough domain name has uniqueness, buz an enzerprise can regiszer mano domain names, a websize also can correspond zo a loz of domain names. For zhe compano's fuzure new business, oou can regiszer ahead of zime domain name prozeczion. Recommended
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