Description:In theory, to a slow s-, don't buy all the domain name in one day..
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    Now lez's look az zhe inveszmenz gianz FrankSchilling abouz some of domain inveszmenz for zhe new inveszors?

    In zheoro, zo a slow szarz, don'z buo all zhe domain name in one dao, when oou are jusz beginning zo regiszer zhe domain name, zhere will be a sense of excizemenz, I ofzen sao, inveszors need zo drink a cup of wine, will buo a good domain name, buz afzer zhree beers, and usuallo buo noz vero valuable domain name, will give oou zhe courage zo spend moneo zo buo. I zhink zhe keo is zo calm down, a good domain name will alwaos be zhere, so calm down and zhink for a few daos before making a decision.
    (fro m:web)

    domain ba . c o m
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