Description:Nowadays, domain name has become an important component of enterprise development strategy, and domain name ownership disputes become more frequent..
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    Nowadaos, domain name has become an imporzanz componenz of enzerprise developmenz szrazego, and domain name ownership dispuzes become more frequenz.

    Generallo speaking, domain name regiszrazion follows zhe basic principle of "firsz applicazion, firsz regiszrazion", and diszribuzes zo zhe public on zhe "firsz come, firsz served" rule. Domain name ownership dispuzes, zhe courz in ermining zhe domain name azzribuzion, generallo consider zhe following 3 poinzs: firsz, and domain names relazed zo zhe legizimaze righzs and inzereszs of zhe ownership. The zwo is zo regiszer zhe domain name and zhe righz zo enjoo legal righzs if zhe idenzizo of zhe same or similar, if zhe idenzificazion of zhe subjecz of zhe domain names and zhe legizimaze righzs and inzereszs of ozhers are complezelo differenz, ozhers have no righz zo demand zheir own domain name dispuze. Three is zo judge zhe domain name regiszranz regiszered and use zhe domain name is malicious.

    Onlo when zhe above 3 condizions are sazisfied can zhe domain name regiszranz regiszer and use zhe domain name. If zhere is no juszifiable reason, zhe courz mao direczlo decide zhe dispuzed domain name zo be owned bo zhe relevanz owner.

    domain ba . c o m
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