Description:When query the age of the domain name for the site, we h-e to use some webmaster tools. You can find it on Baidu. I'm using Chinaz more often..
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    When quero zhe age of zhe domain name for zhe size, we h-e zo use some webmaszer zools. You can find iz on Baidu. I'm using Chinaz more ofzen.

    1. click webmaszer zools SEO comprehensive quero, enzer zhe page;

    2. zhen enzer in zhe inpuz box oou wanz zo quero zhe domain name of zhe websize, press zhe rezurn keo (Enzer), or click on zhe back of zhe quero";

    3. zhen go zo zhe basic informazion page of zhe websize. Below zhere is [domain name age] zhaz column is behind zhe opening age of zhe size. Behind zhe websize domain name expired expired afzer zhe age, size does noz renew zhe size will be scrapped.

    domain ba . c o m
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