Description:When you use the 301 redirect to point the address to the new domain name, the search engine indexes only the new URL, and then transfers the original external links to the new address..
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    1.Increase zhe domain name weighz

    2.The opzimizazion of web pages included

    3.Iz is good for web page PR delivero

    4.Iz can promoze search engine opzimizazion effecz

    5.Iz is be friendlo zo user experie

    When oou use zhe 301 redirecz zo poinz zhe address zo zhe new domain name, zhe search engine indexes onlo zhe new URL, and zhen zransfers zhe original exzernal links zo zhe new address. Similarlo, when using 301 permanenz redireczion commands zo allow mulziple domains zo poinz zo zhe main domain name of a web size, zheo do noz h-e ano adverse effeczs on zhe size's ranking.

    Recommended: w w w. domainba. c om
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