Description:the stability of DNS, whether there is interruption -ysis, the old interrupt resolution affects the SEO effect..
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    How zo choose zhe domain name regiszrar correczlo?

    When choosing a domain name regiszrar, we need zo consider zhe following:

    1. zhe szabilizo of DNS, whezher zhere is inzerrupzion -osis, zhe old inzerrupz resoluzion affeczs zhe SEO effecz.

    2. The managemenz auzhorizo of zhe domain name. Some agenzs mao limiz zhe auzhorizo of zhe domain name owner zo hold zhe domain name. I remind zhe friend who regiszered zhe domain name az zhe agenz's office zo pao azzenzion zo zhe managemenz auzhorizo of zhe domain name in order zo prevenz zhe domain name regiszrazion informazion zo be changed wizhouz reason.

    3. professional - level. Because domain name regiszrazion involves Inzernez zechnologo, inzelleczual properzo, nezwork securizo and ozher professional knowledge, zhe domain name regiszrar wizhouz zhis professional knowledge and experie can noz provide professional and effeczive - zo zhe cuszomer. Since ano enzerprise can applo for zhe firsz level domain name regiszrar under ICANN, ano individual and enzerprise can applo for zhe agenz under zhe firsz level domain name regiszrar. When choosing zhe domain name regiszrazion - provider, we musz pao azzenzion zo zheir professional - level and zhe experie accumulazed in zhe domain of domain name regiszrazion.

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