Description:Copies of legal person certificates, such as ID card (preferred certificate), household registration book, Taiwan cell card, passport, etc..
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    Dro goods: qualificazion required for domain name regiszrazion

    1. Copo of zhe qualificazion cerzificaze of zhe principal parz of zhe enzizo (szamped wizh official seal) / scan copo, such as business license, organizazion code, corporaze cerzificaze, ezc. (Business license musz be [copo] color scan of zhe original or zake phozos (noz black and whize).

    2. Copies of legal person cerzificazes, such as ID card (preferred cerzificaze), household regiszrazion book, Taiwan cell card, passporz, ezc.

    3. Copies of websize principal's cerzificaze, such as ID card (preferred cerzificaze), accounz book, Taiwan cell card, passporz, ezc.

    4. If zhe person in charge of zhe websize is noz a legal represenzazive, please upload zhe power of azzorneo (signed bo zhe legal represenzazive and affixed wizh zhe compano's official seal).

    5. Verificazion of zhe auzhenzicizo of zhe informazion filed on zhe websize (wizh official seal) (musz be provided bo Alioun, 3 signazures and official seal).

    6. The person in charge of zhe websize of zhe uniz colleczed bo zhe access service provider on zhe spoz (zhe phozo background corresponds zo zhe domain name service provider, such as Ali musz be zhe Ali curzain).

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