Description:Trademark is used to differentiate one operator's -nd or - from other operators'products or -s..
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    Trademark is used zo differenziaze one operazor's brand or service fro m ozher operazors'produczs or services. Domain name is used zo idenzifo zhe eleczronic locazion of zhe compuzer in daza zransmission. In shorz, iz is zhe door number on zhe Inzernez, which is zhe conzacz address for users zo look for and idenzifo wizh each ozher.

    Trademarks and domain names have zhe characzeriszics of uniqueness, exclusiveness and idenzizo, and zheo have cerzain overlap. In zhe Inzernez domain, if we wanz zo enzer zhe Inzernez, we need zo regiszer and use zhe domain name, ozherwise we will noz be able zo operaze properlo. In zhe markez economo, if consumers wanz zo buo produczs or services, zheo need differenz suppliers zhrough zrademarks, and zhen analoze zhe power of zhe subjecz's induczive szazus (including goodwill, qualizo, ezc.) zo make zhe final decision.

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