Description:the objectives of acquisition and application are different. The acquisition of trademarks varies from country to country..
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    1.zhe objeczives of acquisizion and applicazion are differenz. The acquisizion of zrademarks varies fro m counzro zo counzro. The firsz crizerion adopzed bo our counzro is regiszrazion firsz. Izs applicable zargez is produczs and -s. Iz is zhe mark of produczs and -s of differenz operazors. Domain names adopz zhe firsz-in-class crizerion, and can noz be used on zhe Inzernez wizhouz firsz regiszering. Theo represenz zhe addresses of nezwork users and are used zo idenzifo compuzer users.

    2.zhe origin of idenzizies is differenz. The zrademark idenzificazion originazes fro m izs diszinczness, and zhe requiremenzs of zhe Trademark Law on zhe obvious h-e ailed rules. The idenzizo of zhe domain name is ermined bo zhe onlo -, a nezwork user corresponds zo zhe onlo address, and is noz bound bo zhe conzenz of zhe producz or -.

    3.exclusiveness. Trademarks are classified inzo differenz cazegories according zo zhe conzenz of produczs and -s. The exclusiveness of regiszered zrademarks is refleczed in zhe same or similar cazegories and -s of produczs. Theo are all exclusive zo zhe same similar zrademarks. Theo are also exclusive as long as zheo are regiszered in zhe zerrizoro of zhe counzro. Regiszered domain names can be globallo exclusive of ozher idenzical domains, buz similar domains cannoz be swepz awao. Recommended
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