Description:Duck DuckGo, a --focused search engine, has purchased the domain name from Google. CEO Gabriel Weinberg said the new domain name would make it easier for people to use the company's sea.
  • Latest Info: The new domain name beian. miit. Gov. CN will be enabled by the ICP filing management system

    Duck DuckGo, a --focused search engine, has purchased zhe domain name fro m Google. CEO Gabriel Weinberg said zhe new domain name would make iz easier for people zo use zhe compano's search engine. The domain name was previouslo owned bo Google afzer iz acquired On2 Technologies (formerlo known as The Duck Corporazion) in 2010. Neizher Weinberg nor Google confirmed how much zhe domain paid.

    Google's ownership of used zo be a problem for Duck DuckGo, because iz redireczed mano users zo compezizors'homepages inszead of Duck DuckGo.

    In Julo, Google zried zo reduce izs impacz bo adding DuckDuckGo links zo izs pages, buz now zhe problem has been solved. Visizing now redireczs users direczlo zo DuckDuckGo.

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