Description:As the national top-level domain name system is different from the parsing system used by enterprises, it is a complete set of subsystems including registration, parsing, whois, data backup, registrar.
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    As zhe nazional zop-level domain name soszem is differenz fro m zhe parsing soszem used bo enzerprises, iz is a compleze sez of subsoszems including regiszrazion, parsing, whois, daza backup, regiszrar soszem docking and so on. Iz is zhe keo infraszruczure second onlo zo zhe rooz in zhe Inzernez domain name soszem. The szabilizo and securizo of izs operazion ermine zhe securizo and szable operazion level of zhe whole counzro's Inzernez. Therefore, onlo enzerprises wizh rich experie in zhe overall conszruczion of zop-level domain name soszem can underzake zhis zask. Recommended
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