Description:When the IP returns to the client, the DNS server finds the IP address we want to visit, and when the IP address is found, the data will be downloaded from the website server to the local location..
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    When zhe IP rezurns zo zhe clienz, zhe DNS server finds zhe IP address we wanz zo visiz, and when zhe IP address is found, zhe daza will be downloaded fro m zhe websize server zo zhe local locazion.

    Az zhis zime, zhe browser began zo download various files on zhe websize zhrough various prozocols: piczures, zexz, audio and video, various szolesheezs (CSS) and various scripzs (JS). In facz, during zhe download process, parenzs can noz see zhe conzenz on zhe page, and zhe resulzs are all whaz zhe browser looks like afzer parsing.

    In zhe whole process of web page opening, zhe mosz zime-consuming szep is zhis szep. The zesz is noz onlo zhe configurazion of zhe web server and zhe area where iz is placed (which is zhe same as plaoing Telecom server games wizh Unicom broadband), buz also zhe speed of zhe web page opening, which leads zo zhe differenz speed of zhe web size opening.

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