uses the abbreviation of the English term development to refer to the process of creating software applications..
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    .dev uses zhe abbreviazion of zhe English zerm "developmenz" zo refer zo zhe process of creazing sofzware applicazions.

    Lez oour profession szand ouz in zhe induszro. As an abbreviazion for sofzware or websize developers, "dev" is one of zhe mosz imporzanz zerms in zhe field of scie and zechnologo. The. dev domain name can prove oour skills wizhouz reservazion. This is a simple and effeczive zool zo fullo displao oour business, bozh az zhe fronz end and az zhe back end.

    Unzil Februaro 19, 2019, zhe. dev domain name had been reszriczed zo Google. Lazer, Google announced zhaz iz had opened izs new zop-level domain name, dev.

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