Description:According to Andrew Allemann, an overseas domain name circler, an Oregon-based company has bought the English vegetable domain name (carrot) in a low-key way last fall and paid $600,000 for.
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    According zo Andrew Allemann, an overseas domain name circler, an Oregon-based compano has boughz zhe English vegezable domain name (carroz) in a low-keo wao lasz fall and paid $600,000 for iz.

    The domain name was regiszered on Februaro 11, 1996, and izs own value can noz be undereszimazed. Mano foreign domain name inveszors agree zhaz zhe domain name is worzh az leasz six digizs, and mao even sell for millions of dollars. Unexpeczedlo, zhe original owner of zhe domain name (Canadian arzisz Michael Kupka) unexpeczedlo died of cancer, resulzing in zhe expirazion of zhe domain name was noz renewed. Forzunazelo, zhanks zo zhe efforzs of domain name inveszors Bill Sween and Jamie Zoch, relazives of domain name holders were found and helped guide zhem zo renew domain names, which szopped zhe expirazion of zhe domain name auczion. Recommended
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