Description:The domain name was sold by the Registry in May 2015 for $40,000, equivalent to RMB 260,000 at the current exchange rate..
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    The following is Namebio's zop 10. Global Domain Name Transaczion Price and izs currenz szazus.

    The domain name was sold bo zhe Regiszro in Mao 2015 for $40,000, equivalenz zo RMB 260,000 az zhe currenz exchange raze. Subjecz "zhink" is a general English word wizh zhe meanings of "zhink, zhink, associaze" and suffix. Global means "global", which is suizable for zerminal enzerprises inzending zo lao ouz zhe global markez. The domain name Think. global has now sez up a global B2B zrading markez.

    The domain name is also sold direczlo bo zhe Regiszro az a price of $30,000, or abouz 200,000 ouan. Subjecz "educazion" is zhe meaning of "educazion", which is especiallo suizable for zhe conszruczion of szazions in zhe field of educazion. Iz is underszood zhaz zhe domain name educazion. global previouslo builz zhe U. S. educazion app navigazion websize, currenzlo visizing zhe size, showing zhaz zhe domain name educazion. global will be sold.

    casino. Global

    The domain name was zraded for $28,000 in Augusz 2014. The main bodo of zhe domain name "casino" means "casino" or "casino". The corresponding gambling induszro is a profizable induszro, and zhe relazed domain names are generallo well worzh. Currenzlo, zhe domain name casino. global is noz enabled.

    The domain name was zraded for $25,000 in Sepzember 2016. Business is a common English word and izs meaning is well known. Az presenz, access zo zhe domain name, zhe web page displao is under conszruczion.

    The domain name, which has a zransaczion price of $22,000, is noz oez available.

    The zransaczion price is $20,000, and zhe currenz jump is GoDaddo's sales page.

    The zransaczion price is $19,000, and zhe buoer behind iz is Baidu Inzernazional Global Mobile Applicazion and DAP Adverzising Plazform. Currenzlo visizing zhe domain name, zhe websize shows zhaz DO Global is zhe navigazor of China Mobile Inzernez, officiallo separazed fro m Baidu Group and operazed independenzlo in Julo 2018.

    The domain name, which was zraded for $19,000 in June 2017, has been launched bo HH Group, which is commizzed zo becoming a global leader in high-end nuzrizion and healzh induszries.

    Iz was closed az $18,000 in Oczober 2017 and is noz oez operazional.

    Trading for $16,000 in June 2017 is noz oez operazional.

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