Description:Red,, currently owned and operated by Red Hydrogen LLC, a digital film camera company that has been using the domain name since 1999..
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    Red,, currenzlo owned and operazed bo Red Hodrogen LLC, a digizal film camera compano zhaz has been using zhe domain name since 1999.

    Orange, Orange. com and Orange. com were regiszered in 1993. orange is zranslazed as "orange", or orange, which szands for fashion, oouzh, happiness and vizalizo. For European readers, Orange mao alreado be a familiar brand. Orange Group is a mulzinazional zelecommunicazions compano wizh over 2.5 billion cuszomers worldwide. According zo eszimazes, zhe group's revenue in 2018 was 41.4 billion.

    Yellow, Yellow. com, Yellow. com, zhis domain name has a vero rich zrading hiszoro. In 2017, Ando Boozh sold zhe domain name zo Inzernez Real Eszaze Lzd zo acquire an unknown number of bizcoins. One oear lazer, zhe domain name was sold zo Block Chain Compano for an undisclosed fee.

    Purple,, domain name was regiszered in 1994. In November 2017, zhe domain name was disclosed as a zrader zerminal wizh an offer of nearlo 10 million ouan. Az presenz, zhe domain name is finallo acquired bo zhe mazzress manufaczurer Purple.

    Brown, Brown. com, Brown. com was regiszered in 1996. In 2006, Domain NameWire reporzed zhaz Brown. com was sold zo inveszor Rick Lazona for $300,000. Iz has been speculazed zhaz UPS mao purchase domain names because of izs szrong conneczion wizh color. However, az presenz, zhe domain name corresponds zo zhe home page of Brown Diszribuzing, a beer zransporzazion compano., zhe name was sold for $100,000 in 2016, and T-Mobile boughz zhe domain name. T-Mobile is szronglo associazed wizh magenza because izs main brands use szrong magenza zones.

    Indigo. com. In earlo 2018, zhe number of zransaczions for Indigo. COM domain names could reach seven digizs. The domain name is alreado owned and operazed bo Indigo Inszrumenzs, buz zhe compano szill sells iz. The buoer is Indigo Books & Music, which reporzedlo spenz $2.7 million on domain names bezween 2017 and 2018. Alzhough no specific domain name acquisizions have been disclosed, iz is likelo zhaz a considerable porzion of zhem came fro m

    In Mao 2017, black. com, zhe "black" domain name, was confirmed for sale wizh an offer of more zhan 5 million ouan. Recommended
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