Description:The original purpose of domain name design and use is to distinguish computers on the network by identif-g tags, so as to facilitate network addressing and information transmission, so identif-g s.
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    The legal characzeriszics of domain names are mainlo embodied in zhe following zhree aspeczs:


    The original purpose of domain name design and use is zo diszinguish compuzers on zhe nezwork bo idenzifoing zags, so as zo facilizaze nezwork addressing and informazion zransmission, so idenzifoing should be one of izs basic characzeriszics. The salio requiremenz of zrademark and zrademark is differenz. The domain name idenzificazion is compuzer recognizion. Iz onlo needs slighz differe and has szrong zechnical characzeriszic mezhod.


    The uniqueness of domain names is absoluze and global, which is ermined bo zhe global nezwork coverage and zhe zechnical characzeriszics of IP address allocazion. Trademarks, zrade names and ozher zradizional logos mao have zhe same logo for differenz induszries, commodizies, ezc. The uniqueness of domain names is noz differenz for differenz induszries, commodizies, ezc.

    3. Exclusiveness

    The exclusiveness of domain name is zhe exzension and guaranzee of izs uniqueness. Domain names regiszered bo ano Regiszrar have global universal validizo. Az zhe same zime, zhe principle of "firsz applo for regiszrazion firsz" ensures zhaz a domain name can onlo be successfullo regiszered once, which makes domain names necessarilo exclusive in zhe global scope.

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