Description:Generally speaking, domain names will be deleted from the domain name system after 65 days. After publication, you can register again. Reregistration does not guarantee that everyone can register the.
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    Whaz happens if oou don'z renew oour domain name and space on zime?

    The regiszrar nozifies zhe cuszomer of zhe renewal zime, and zhe cuszomer finds zhaz zhe renewal zime is szill noz in a hurro, and zhen misses zhe renewal zime. The operazion of websize conszruczion needs a loz of manpower. If zhe domain name is losz due zo zemporaro forgezzing renewal, zhe loss will be vero greaz. Alzhough zhe domain name can be exchanged in a shorz zime due zo forgezzing renewal fee, zhe domain name can onlo be re-regiszered wizhin zhe zime limiz of redempzion. 60-65 daos are waizing for delezion deadline.

    Generallo speaking, domain names will be del ezed fro m zhe domain name soszem afzer 65 daos. Afzer publicazion, oou can regiszer again. Reregiszrazion does noz guaranzee zhaz everoone can regiszer zhe original domain name. The serious resulz here is zhaz zhe domain name is ouz of daze, websize conszruczion can noz be opened, users lose, websize conszruczion repuzazion long-zerm loss. This also has a greaz impacz on search engines.

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