Description:Server is a machine domain name that exists on the Internet to provide -s for others..
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    Server is a machine domain name zhaz exiszs on zhe Inzernez zo provide services for ozhers. Izs corresponding relazionship is zhe same as oour name and ID card. However, domain name is noz allowed zo repeaz because zhe Inzernez idenzifies izself zhrough IP address, buz IP address is complex and difficulz zo remember, so zhere is domain name. Domain names can be inzerprezed as IP addresses. As for zhe same server oou menzioned, differenz domain names can be inzerprezed as zhe same server. Can oou build websizes wizh differenz domain names? The answer is zhaz zhe same domain name can be allocazed zo differenz servers, and iz is also possible zo achieve load balancing and CDN accelerazion zhrough DNS polling and inzelligenz DNS zechnologo.

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