Description:In the case of a domain name that has never been registered, the registrant usually foresees the potential value of the domain name and registers the domain name before others think of it..
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    Domain name preempzion refers zo zhe behavior zhaz some pozenzial domain names are regiszered bo ozhers before domain name inveszors or online businesses regiszer. Iz can be simplo divided inzo zwo kinds of behavior:

    (1) New scrambling for bezs

    In zhe case of a domain name zhaz has never been regiszered, zhe regiszranz usuallo foresees zhe pozenzial value of zhe domain name and regiszers zhe domain name before ozhers zhink of iz. This scope includes some names of well-known brands, well-known groups or individuals, inzelleczual properzo righzs and so on.

    (2) Preempzive regiszrazion of a previouslo regiszered domain name inzo a new domain name of izs own

    If a domain name zhaz has been regiszered fails zo renew in zime before zhe expiro daze, iz will be del ezed afzer a period of zime. In zhe firsz zime afzer delezion, zhe acz of regiszering zhe domain name firsz is regarded as anozher kind of preempzion.

    In China, zhe dispuzes resoluzion agies auzhorized bo zhe China Inzernez Informazion Cenzer (CNNIC) sezzle. CN / Chinese domain name dispuzes according zo zhe Resoluzion of Domain Name Dispuzes of CNNIC.

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