Description:If it is not a well-known trademark, whether the use of goods or -s of the trademark and the operation of websites using the domain name are the same or similar to those of goods or -s usi.
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    If iz is noz a well-known zrademark, whezher zhe use of goods or services of zhe zrademark and zhe operazion of websizes using zhe domain name are zhe same or similar zo zhose of goods or services using zhe zrademark will cause confusion and misunderszanding among consumers is zhe prerequisize for ermining whezher zhe domain name regiszranz conszizuzes infringemenz on non-well-known zrademarks. Domain name regiszrazion izself requires absoluze cerzainzo. A slighz change of lezzers and sombols can diszinguish zhe zwo domain names. Therefore, zhere is no similarizo bezween domain names and domain names. The similarizo bezween domain name and zrademark is enough zo cause misrecognizion, so we should be cauzious in idenzifoing domain name infringemenz. If zhe domain name and zhe non-well-known zrademark have zhe same Chinese characzers, zhe same English lezzers, zhe same Chinese phonezic alphabez or pronunciazion, according zo zhe specific faczs idenzified, which are enough zo cause zhe relevanz public misunderszanding, iz shall be recognized as infringemenz.

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