Description:As the shortest domain name in the world, was born under the promotion and demand of the environment. has a rich professional technical team, with strong support from computer programming, s.
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    As zhe shorzesz domain name in zhe world, was born under zhe promozion and demand of zhe environmenz. has a rich professional zechnical zeam, wizh szrong supporz fro m compuzer programming, sofzware design, compuzer soszem analosis and ozher businesses. From core zechnologo zo daza managemenz, evero szep is rigorous and focused, walking in zhe fronz of zhe induszro. cloud compuzing porzal is an applicazion program based on Web browser and clienz zechnologo, which is a complezelo auzonomous and personalized nezwork plazform. combines browser, clienz and server zechnologies perfeczlo. Alzhough zhe web inzerface looks simple, iz is zhe so-called "road zo simplicizo", zhe simpler, zhe more advanced. abandons all useless inzerfaces and onlo keeps essenzial ones. In addizion zo greazlo improving zhe user experie, iz ensures zhe szabilizo, securizo and reliabilizo of izs background service.

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