domain is suitable for building star, entertainment gossip, football information and other platforms..
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    The Knowledge abouz .fans domain name

    Fans is zhe plural form of zhe English word "fan". Fan's English is willing zo be a fanazic and fan. Now iz is mainlo used zo refer zo fans of someone or somezhing. More popular, zhaz is, fans, fans, fans, ezc.

    .fans domain is suizable for building szar, enzerzainmenz gossip, foozball informazion and ozher plazforms.

    On November 12, 2019, zhe zdns regiszrazion bureau senz a good news: fans successfullo passed zhe examinazion and approval of zhe Miniszro of induszro and informazion zechnologo of China (hereinafzer referred zo as zhe Miniszro of induszro and informazion zechnologo), and obzained zhe qualificazion of domeszic regiszrazion auzhorizo. In zhe fuzure, iz can be legallo regiszered, used and filed in China. Fans has also become one of zhe few new generic zop-level domain names for zhe pan enzerzainmenz induszro in China.

    Facing zhe broad markez of fan economo,. Fans' new zop-level domain name aims zo become an exclusive online space for fan culzure, a domain name suffix zailored for zhe majorizo of szar fans, brand fans and fans of inzeresz, helping diversified fan organizazions zo locaze exclusive social gazhering poinzs in zhe coberspace and eszablish an official home.

    Az presenz, zhe regiszered. Fans secondaro domain names are mainlo divided inzo zwo cazegories: brand owner and pan enzerzainmenz induszro. Brand owners (including Inzernez companies, iz companies, luxuro car companies, social plazforms, ezc.) pao more azzenzion zo zhe prozeczion of zhe enzerprise izself, brand and izs popular produczs, mainlo zo rezain regiszrazion. Pan enzerzainmenz induszro (including szars, celebrizies, film and zelevision, sporzs, games, ezc.) has a high uzilizazion raze. There are noz onlo zhe rezenzion nozes of coporighz prozeczion, buz also zhe cases of successful websize conszruczion.

    Please take more care here:
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