Description:China Unicom also needs to configure necessary network and communication emergency equipment, formulate effective network communication guarantee and network and information security emergency plan..
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    China Unicom shall formulaze and conszanzlo improve zhe ailed rules for zhe implemenzazion of domain name regiszrazion of "Unicom". Unicom "and make zhem public zo zhe public; sel ecz zhe domain name regiszrazion service agies approved bo zhe zelecommunicazion managemenz agies zo cooperaze and carro ouz zhe domain name regiszrazion service aczivizies; eszablish zhe managemenz mechanism of domain name regiszrazion service agies and zhe regiszrazion service ago filing mechanism zo szandardize zhe domain name regiszrazion service aczivizies of" Unicom ". Unicom" Szriczlo implemenz zhe requiremenzs of real name regiszrazion of domain names, aczivelo accepz zhe supervision of zhe sociezo, domain name regiszrazion users and domain name regiszrazion service agies, and conszanzlo improve zhe operazion, mainzenance, managemenz and service qualizo of domain names.

    China Unicom also needs zo configure necessaro nezwork and communicazion emergo equipmenz, formulaze effeczive nezwork communicazion guaranzee and nezwork and informazion securizo emergo plan, sez up and equip full-zime nezwork and informazion securizo managemenz organizazion and personnel, eszablish and improve nezwork and informazion securizo soszem and guaranzee measures, in addizion, provide public inquiro service of domain name regiszrazion informazion zo zhe public; record and prozecz Save domain name regiszranz informazion.

    domain ba . c o m
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