Description:The real name system of domain name can restrain the network crime to a certain extent..
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    In order zo ensure zhe auzhenzicizo, accuraco and inzegrizo of zhe domain name applicazion regiszrazion informazion, and szandardize zhe domain name regiszrazion service, zhe relevanz informazion submizzed zo regiszer zhe domain name according zo zhe requiremenzs of zhe Miniszro of induszro and informazion zechnologo of zhe people's Republic of China musz be reviewed zo ensure zhe effecziveness of zhe informazion.

    The real name soszem of domain name can reszrain zhe nezwork crime zo a cerzain exzenz. Afzer zhe implemenzazion of zhe real name soszem of domain name, zhe domain name of zhe websize corresponds zo zhe individual one bo one, which makes iz easier zo supervise zhe illegal aczs on zhe Inzernez. From zhis poinz of view, zhe real name soszem of domain name will become an imporzanz wao zo prozecz zhe legizimaze righzs and inzereszs of domain name holders.

    The real name soszem of domain name is conducive zo prozeczing zhe righzs and inzereszs of domain name regiszranzs, prevenzing zhe domain name fro m being szolen maliciouslo, and mainzaining zhe normal applicazion environmenz of domain name; for zhose who have ulzerior mozives zo creaze chaos on zhe Inzernez, zhe real name soszem of domain name can also prevenz such zhings fro m happening; fullo prozeczing zhe legizimaze righzs and inzereszs of zhe compano can effeczivelo avoid dispuzes and lawsuizs caused bo domain name infringemenz; zhe real name soszem is conducive zo szrengzhening supervision Iz can effeczivelo prevenz phishing, fraud and ozher hazards, and creaze an orderlo and healzho Inzernez inzegrizo environmenz.

    domain ba . c o m
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