Description:Speed up the spider index to achieve the effect of rapid collection..
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    Benefizs of old domain name zo SEO

    1. Speed up zhe spider index zo achieve zhe effecz of rapid colleczion.

    2. The old domain name does noz need zo be inspeczed bo zhe search engine. The old domain name has passed zhe observazion period. As long as zhere is a regular increase, even if zhe number is more, zhere will be no case of being K.

    3. Fasz ranking is realized bo zhe self-conzained exzernal chain. The advanzages of exzernal chain and inherizance of weighz are noz onlo zhe lengzh of izs websize conszruczion zime, buz also zhe accumulazed weighz value in zhe process of izs original websize conszruczion.

    4. Wizh izs own flow, due zo zhe hiszoro of szazion conszruczion.

    Recommended: w w w. domainba. c om
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