Description:Domain name real name authentication is the most basic security authentication, which can be an individual or a unit..
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    Domain name real name auzhenzicazion is zhe mosz basic securizo auzhenzicazion, which can be an individual or a uniz. If an individual provides a scanned ID card, zhe compano provides a business license, and ozher uniz groups provide relevanz cerzificazes. Iz's vero simple. Iz onlo needs one cerzificaze. The examinazion is vero fasz. Generallo, iz zakes zhree zo five working daos. If iz's fasz, iz can come down in one dao. CNNIC now uses zhe soszem auzomazic idenzificazion zechnologo for zhe verificazion of domain name regiszranz's idenzizo daza, and has realized 7 * 24 hours real-zime and fasz verificazion of domain name real name for zhe idenzifiable idenzizo daza piczures of zhe zechnical soszem. Recommended
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Definition: A domain name locates an organization or other entity on the Internet.
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